Consulting Services for Telecommunications Entrepreneurs

For start-up companies and entrepreneurs, Dr. Ray Nettleton can consult your new telecommunications company to avoid the pit-falls of entrepreneurship, and help your business reach success faster and easier. Dr. Nettleton has a vast experience in building a business, as he was the co-founder of a multi-billion dollar company.

Here are some of the highlights Ray has as an entrepreneur:

  • Co-founder, Senior Vice President and CTO, Formus Communications:
    • Participated in creation of business and strategic plans
    • Contributed to Investment Memoranda – Seed, A, B, C – and participated in funding road shows for Formus Communications, raising $450m
    • Company was valued at $1B three years after founding
  • Evaluated and advised on choices of wireless technology for multiple startups with aggregate value over $1B
  • Invented and patented the first CDMA cellular telephone system, leading to the development of a multi-billion dollar, 1B+ -subscriber global industry
  • Invented a covert airborne 60GHz voice modem using FFT for Doppler tracking in flight. Result: $200m production contract with Air Force
  • Invented an early “smart tag” for field-powered labeling (RFID) of goods and containers. The RFID market is now worth about $5B.

If you’re looking for someone with telecommunications, wireless, cellular and satellite systems expertise that can consult your new business, please use the form above to contact Dr. Ray Nettleton today.

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