For government entities involved with regulating, licensing, evaluating, selling, outsourcing or promoting wireless telecom activities:

Dr. Ray Nettleton has a vast experience in consulting for government entities.
Here are a few highlights of his past work:

  • Advised Government ministries & regulatory agencies in Poland, Hungary, the UK, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and Colombia on efficient use and allocation of spectrum
  • Provided training sessions to Government regulatory staff in Poland, Hungary, and Peru
  • Presented ex parte comments to the FCC on unlicensed spectrum use on behalf of IEEE
  • Advised Clear Creek County, Colorado, on feasible alternatives to increase cellphone and broadband wireless coverage in a very mountainous area
  • Advisor to U.S. Department of Justice concerning a dispute over wireless tower relocation

If you are interested in discussing your telecommunications consulting needs for your Government, or if you are a business and wish to seek business with the Government, please contact Dr. Ray Nettleton using the above form.

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