We at the Wireless Communications Association International have the greatest respect and appreciation for the leadership qualities and technical understanding that Dr. Nettleton has long demonstrated on complex matters vital to the industry’s development.

Andrew Kreig
President, Wireless Communications Association International

I was an investor and Chairman of a wireless broadband company where Ray was CTO and a key member of management. Ray is one of the best technical people I have worked with for his ability to plan and troubleshoot networks and also to communicate with non-technical people the pros/cons and cost benefit of alternatives being considered.

Bill Elsner
Manager at Telecom Partners

A well-recognized genius, which only partially explains his leadership of a broadband wireless startup that grew into a $billion operator in 3-years. As an inventor and pioneer for CDMA, he held the credentials to raise $450M in venture capital and vendor financing, while building businesses in 15 countries... all done with a friendly smile and a mind-blowing sense of humor.

Richard Ballard
VP Business Development & Technology Planning at InSeed

Ray was retained by my law firm as an expert in a patent litigation relating to cellular telephony. He did an excellent and professional job. In addition, he was prompt in responding to our requests. He was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him

Mark Abate
Attorney and Partner at Morgan and Finnegan

Ray is one of the unique individuals that not only maintains a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of applicable technologies but also their commercialization attributes and ramifications. All on a global relevance.

David Castellini
CEO of Prycise Technology, Entrepreneur

Ray has a broad, interdisciplinary knowledge of telecommunications systems. He was a pioneer in the application of CDMA to wireless systems. He is exceptionally well qualified in both theoretical and practical analysis of wireless system technologies.

Elliott Drucker
President, Drucker Associates and Telecommunications Consultant

Ray is a very talented and insightful individual. Ray has worked with me as a consultant and we have also worked together as a team, and in these efforts I was impressed by Ray's breadth and depth of knowledge in the telcom field. Ray can quickly spot the nuances and provide insight, even in the most complex issues

James Graziano
Partner, Patton Boggs LLP

Ray is a great person and knows technology very well.

Osmo Hautanen
Owner, Cosmos Consulting Inc. and Telecommunications Consultant

Ray has been a great inspiration in all my endeavors. He has helped strategically with new technology insertion and its planning. He has helped practically on design and implementation and has mentored effectively at putting into perspective key business to technology decisions

Stephan Andrade
Telecommunications Consultant and Contractor

Ray is one of the top people in wireless communication technology and principles. I would recommend him for assessing complex systems in wideband networks and subscriber devices. He also understands the engineering design process and can help you with bringing new products or services to market.

Rich Lee
Owner, Greenwood Telecommunication

A very well respected player in the telecom world. Credible and insightful executive who made a meaningful impact on his company.

Conrad Prusak
President and Owner, Ethos Consulting Inc.

Ray's comprehension of our international technologies and his ability to convey their aspects and benefits to our stakeholders, customers, prospects, and national regulators was unsurpassed. Additionally, he is a fine businessman who made a tremendous contribution to our strategic growth and operational management. Ray is a person of great character, experience, and intelligence.

Tim Dixon
Owner, Global Financial Consultants LLC

Ray Nettleton is a bright and articulate expert in wireless telecommunications. He has focused his career on this technology and it's impact on companies' business objectives. He is competent in directing technology teams on specific projects, and he can also hold his ground as an advisor to the CEO and board members on strategic decisions.

Mary Beth Flanders
Telecommunications Professional

Ray worked with me putting together international joint ventures and partnerships in wireless technology and services, primarily in Asia. He was expert and explaining complex technology in business terms to business audiences and excellent and follow-up. He made the deals get done. High value here.

Greg Moore
Partner at Blackhill Advisors, LP

Ray Nettleton combines management and technical issues in a way that allows everyone to understand what he is saying, regardless of background. With his technical knowledge, being able to relate and explain issues from the simplest to the most complex comes naturally. Truly a rare talent in the day and age.

Philip Shoemaker
General Manager, Ridge Communications; Owner, SiteCom Test & Measurement

Professor Nettleton has taught in the Interdisciplinary Telecommunications program for over three years now. He is certainly one of the best instructors in the program. His deep knowledge in wireless systems from years of industry and academic experience comes through in his teaching as well as in the research that he mentors at CU Boulder.

Doug Sicker, PhD,
CTO, Federal Communications Commission; Associate Professor, University of Colorado – Boulder

I worked with Dr. Nettleton since we were at MCI together where he was an executive consultant to our division vice president. His expert advise, management, leadership, and sage counsel enabled MCI to advance their nationwide PCS program plan from concept to near-execution. I fully endorse Ray for all manner of consulting from advanced emerging technology to management and executive strategy.

Anthony Klinkert
General Manager and Owner, Klinkert & Associates, Inc.

Ray’s work and contacts were invaluable in helping Formus expand into 16 countries while I consulted as a recruiter for them. Ray is a brilliant man with superb verbal and written communication and presentation skills. He is very well respected in his field and is pleasure to work with, enriching everyone lucky enough to meet him. I recommend him very highly.

Cindy Schneider
Film Music and Production Location Consultant

I first met Ray while working at MCI in the mid 90's. Ray consulted to MCI and I was impressed by his professionalism, intelligence and creativity. We have remained in touch over the years and I would not hesitate to recommend Ray to anyone looking for a top class professional.

Robert Mawrey
Senior Vice President of Information Technology at American Tower Corporation

Ray has unparalleled experience and qualifications in wireless telecommunications technologies.

Barry Pier
Founder, President & CEO at Wisper Telecommunications, Inc

Ray is an extremely capable and innovative scientist and electrical/telecommunications engineer. He is also a highly capable and organized manager, willing to make that extra effort to meet aggressive timeframes and achieve excellent results. I enjoyed and felt more rewarded by my work with Ray more than any other period in my career.

Thomas Dodds
Owner at Pepper Telecom, LLC

Ray possess an impressive depth and breadth of wireless communications knowledge while his technical rigor and great sense of humor make him a joy to work with.

Ira Barron
Partner at Kensho, LLC

Ray is an excellent consultant. He is one of the most competent telecommunications Subject Matter Experts I have ever come across. I have kept in touch with Ray over the past 18 years and he continues to impress me with his technical knowledge, and industry relationships. In addition, Ray has developed excellent business skills and shows remarkable insight in the technology marketplace. I recommend him highly.

Sridhar Kowdley
Consulting Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton

I had the pleasure of working with Ray for three years building international wireless networks and acquiring internet companies and obtaining frequency licenses from numerous nations. Ray is a superb technology expert, a savvy businessman, a fine gentleman, one of the good guys and one of the fun guys to work with. He can wear many hats very well. I recommend him without any hesitation.

Tim Dixon
VP International Controller and Financial VP of Business Development, Formus Communications

Ray is an amazingly talented individual whose knowledge is impressive in a broad range of the telecom industry. He is a widely respected industry leader as well as an authority in the wireless academic world. His advices are sound, insightful, and benefit from his breadth of experience. Working with Ray is always a pleasure; I've learned a great deal from his guidance and expertise.

Tom Schwengler
Director RF Engineering, Qwest

In his role as CTO, Ray demonstrated a depth and a width of his telecommunication technology knowledge that guided our company in many successful business opportunities. I am sure many other companies would benefit from access to his knowledge. I therefore highly recommend him as a telecommunications consultant.

Thomas & Laura Jarne
VP Business Development Europe, Formus Communications

Ray helped us decipher some highly complex technical documentation and worked with us to determine how to best present similarly complex arguments to the jury. He was knowledgeable, responsive, and great to work with.

Charles Roberts
Partner, Workman Nydegger

Ray is one of the smartest, most eloquent Telecommunications professionals I know. Whether it's technical detail in the wireless sector or international business issues, Ray is comfortable leading the discussion to a successful conclusion. On more than one occasion, i have seen Ray strike compromise between opposing viewpoints, while still maintaining his strategic point. It is without reservation that I recommend Ray for any and all projects involving Telecommunications infrastructure, business planning, and international standards.

Carlton O'Neal
VP Marketing and Sales, LA Sales, Ensemble Communications

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